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homemade hot chocolate mix with powdered milk

Hope Santa pulls through for you! I have used water and also milk. How long do you think this stays good for after you make it? A perfect gift for this season or simply for your own love of hot chocolate, this homemade mix recipe is definitely one to hang on to. It is much better than anything you can get at the store. Over years they have been discontinuing other brands, even store brands. Oh, and since white chocolate can be kind of pricey, I use the white almond bark that you can get in the grocery store for making candy. Just one of the many things you have introduced me to that help me get thru my crazy days. I, too, made this for teachers (and others) and packaged it up without so much as a taste. Kinda wish I had made the full recipe now… lol. I like the leftover crunchy bits myself. I should have halved the recipe to make sure it worked well for us. For my second batch, I used 3 cups of Anthony’s confectioners erythritol instead of 2 cups confectioners sugar and it was every bit as amazing as the original batch. Thanks for sharing this one. Is it bad that I don’t really have one? However, it’s a little bitter for my taste. Thank you for this amazingly delicious recipe!! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I’m sad I already gave out all my teacher and neighbor gifts, this would have been a great one. Lol. Hahaha! I have a canister of Ghirardelli powdered white chocolate and was wondering if it would be an OK substitute for the solid bars? You can freeze it for several months, but well-covered, it can stay at cool room temperature for a couple of weeks. I am actually disappointed with this. Oh my Mel! So rich and chocolatey….all my child’s teachers are getting this. Thanks for stopping by , Yay! I used dark chocolate chips, and powdered 1/2 tsp salt before adding it to the mix. Judees whole milk is no longer available on amazon any other suggestions? That’s really all it takes if you don’t want an instant cup. Searched some more and found your recipe. I used organic nonfat dry milk….maybe it is the brand of milk? I’ve tried buying many other types of chocolate milk and she didn’t like them. You’re better off using the full cream milk powder, as that has more fat, which is low-carb, rather than the sugar that is used to replace the fat, flavor-wise, in the non-dairy creamer. I am extremely picky about my hot cocoa, extremely. Thanks Mel! Thanks for this recipe. Thanks! Hmm, let me first say that my boys love this. Pour in warm milk. Worked great with no mess. I don’t have one yet…. Thanks, Sally! . Happens often in my household, and probably in most of yours too. I can’t remember how much I use, and can’t find the recipe at the moment, but I would guess that using the same amount that she lists for white chocolate would be fine, try adding it slowly and sampling it till you like it. The Best Pressure Cooker Macaroni and Cheese, Easy One Pot Beef and Broccoli Ramen Noodles. Hi Ashley. If you add warm milk it makes a great Hot Cocoa too!! You have saved the day once again for ideas on coworker/neighbor gifts, you genius. I’ve found with this recipe that it helps to grind up the white chocolate before and then add all the other ingredients and blend up all together. Like fine.. or just chopped, like small chunks? Yay for hot chocolate season (if I’m being honest, it’s hot chocolate season all year long at my house)! Usually someone else would eventually complain, reminding me to pick some up, but this time I was the one craving chocolate milk. This is the most wonderful mix I’ve found. I feel like I must have done something wrong – I did not love this recipe. I won’t be ashamed of giving it to anyone. Have to tell you…we just ran out of hot cocoa mix and I made this one. However, I can confidently say that I am definitely, certainly, 100% an expert on hot chocolate. It works *ok* but there’s a bit of an aftertaste that I don’t get if using whole milk powder. . Well, I’m buying ingredients for a 2nd batch this week or my friends & family will miss out. Then I mixed 3 tblspns with 4 tblspns hot water in a pint canning jars, s secured lid and shook it to mix. I love this recipe! Thank you! I actually used more of the majestic cocoa than the regular cocoa. You can easily add a bit more cocoa if it needs more chocolate power . . Totally get the pregnancy cravings – chocolate milk was one of mine too! Amazing recipe by the way:). I’m making 10- 64 oz canning jars of this and wonder how much each recipe makes. ); I’m very glad I tried this one! I will be making this one for sure! Yes, like someone else it had a clump of the mixture at the bottom of the cup, but that also happens with packaged mix. I’m not sure adding more dry milk is the answer (I’m afraid it would overpower the taste of the chocolate). And I just have to say on a random note- I am so excited to find out what this next little baby will be. It tastes great. So glad you and your son enjoyed it! My 10-yr old just made a batch cuz we ran out of the store bought stuff – which I’ll never be buying again! The first batch I made with the white chocolate chips but the second I made with vanilla chocolate chips. Glad you enjoyed it Brion! However, my husband loves it so as I was whipping up a batch I made him a cup. I found this recipe on Pinterest and added it to my homemade Christmas goodie baskets this year. I posted this homemade hot chocolate mix recipe way back in 2011, and it continues to be a seasonal favorite still! Thanks for the recipe. It satisfied the big kid in me who wanted a glass of chocolate milk but didn’t want to drive to the grocery store for syrup or nesquick. Hey Sujoo – yep, it really is 1/3 cup; however, I always add a bit less for my kids. To make hot cocoa, put 1/3 cup of the cocoa mix in a mug and stir in 1 cup of hot milk or almond milk (water works ok but the hot chocolate isn't as creamy or flavorful). I’m pretty excited about finishing off the batch I made as well, Yay! I have a new baby (along with two other boys) so I am sleep deprived and forgot the salt! If your not a fan of powdered milk this recipe isn’t for you. Katherine – I wouldn’t take the mix out of the bags for the salt. Thanks for this recipe, I love that I have homemade hot cocoa mix! We wound up only using 1 cup of powdered sugar and found it plenty sweet for all of us, including my kids. Top with whipped cream or miniature marshmallows, if desired. I thought I was the only person who drank hot chocolate on a daily basis! I actually like Swiss Mel, I made this mix the last 2 winters and gave jars as gifts. Can you leave out the milk powder if you are making the coco with milk instead of water? This is absolutely AWESOME! It is very good, but I found it a little too sweet, and I’m a sweetaholic, has anyone tried it with less sugar, curious to see how it would turn out. Will that work? I thought that would keep the salt from settling to the bottom of the container. Thank you! Thank you! Christine – it’s actually a little polka dot bucket and I got it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. Wonderful! Glad you enjoyed it & love the innovation Thanks for stopping by! ?? I however do not. The only thing I did do differently is substitute vanilla sugar for the regular stuff. I used generic brands for everything but the chocolate and it still tastes amazing. This is really good! thanks! For me, less than a minute was sufficient. To make a cup of hot chocolate: Place 5-7 tablespoons of powdered hot chocolate mix into an 8 oz. Do you think more vigorous stirring could help dissolve everything in the hot liquid? Gone. By the way, where did you get those adorable polka dot mugs? I’ve been using a combination of regular milk powder (you can use whole or nonfat) + malted milk powder. I love baking with and only with Ghirardelli chocolate, but I never heard of the Majestic cocoa. Yuck. I don’t want anything with milk or creamer. Add a smidge of cinnamon and it’s IMO even better and yes, the sweetener you use effects ratio….I use stevia some and it’s closer to 1:1. If you use Dutch-process cocoa, it will have a richer, darker flavor. Really, REALLY curious to find out if anyone has tried making it with water instead of milk. YOU GO GIRL!!!! Absolute perfection! Refrigerate. Tried to rate this a 5 star but only let me give 3 stars. And now I’m afraid to try it in water, but in milk it does make a very pleasant cup of hot chocolate. I. I think I’ll give it a try. I love rich chocolate, and even 1/3 cup of mix was a bit much for me on top of powdered milk AND milk base. I needed a hot chocolate recipe! Thanks for the great idea! Awesome! The BEST Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe. It sounds reaaally good by the way. Will give it a try – thanks . I personally am not a fan on hot chocolate and I hate white chocolate. Mel… I just made this cocoa mix and had a cup. More then likely I went to the grocery store, didn’t like the price of it, and decided to wait until I found a sale on it. Fill the mug up with hot water. I used this recipe for wedding favors for my daughters wedding on the 30th of December. YUM! You are the best! Would not ever recommend to anyone or give to someone as a gift. Thank you for all your time and efforts, hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I was trying to find a homemade hot chocolate powder since I am so tired of spending big bucks on Stephens. Ends the grit problem. Adam Clarkson – I think it could last ok at cool, room temperature (well-covered) for a couple weeks. cup a day and I probably add more powder than most. I promise. She suggested that perhaps some of the people were chocolate milk drinkers made from syrup instead of powder. Thanks Mel! This is a dangerous recipe for me to have learned…it’s delicious! but maybe Santa (er, my husband) will take the hint and bring it for Christmas. I just made this. I! In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together. To make a cup of hot cocoa, add two heaping tablespoons of the cocoa/sugar mixture to 1/2 cup of hot liquid, with … Use a brand that you love - my favorite batches of this mix are made with part natural, unsweetened cocoa powder (Hershey's brand, usually) and part Dutch-process cocoa (Ghirardelli dark cocoa powder, Droste brand, Trader Joe's brand, etc). I did make it with water, I’ll try it with milk and see if that makes a difference. Sounds great – I’ll definitely give it a try! Do you think that would work well or should I pick up whole milk powder? I drink a mugful of the delicious drink shockingly often, and I am very, very particular about the kind that I like (has to be deep, dark chocolate, for one). I just made this to give as a gift and to keep some for myself. When I make something new and really tasty, my family always asks, “Is this a Mel?” and we have a little laugh, as my response is always YES!! Cute way you can package this as well- clear disposable pastry bags filled with hot cocoa mix, topped with micro-mini marshmallows use a twist tie to secure the pastry bag and tie with a red ribbon- great package topper and looks like a Sundae Cone. No one will notice. It is wonderful! Rebecca – the purpose of a food processor (or blender) is to really grind up the white chocolate into a powder. It’s not dissolving very well. This sounds so delicious, Melanie! Adding nondairy creamer acts as an emulsifier and should combine the cocoa powder into the milk. Ohhhh…you’re right – I didn’t list a measurement for the cocoa mix. It can stay in the freezer for several months and about 2-3 weeks at room temperature in the pantry. Thank you. I don’t own one so I can’t complete that step! Heat over medium heat, occasionally whisking or stirring (making … Your email address will not be published. Which cocoa powder did you use? No worries though, innovative pinners and bloggers before us have already found a solution to this. Just saying that powdered sugar did not resolve that issue for me. Dry milk powder is what makes homemade hot chocolate creamy and flavorful. Thanks, I haven’t noticed that, Jenifer, but I whisk like crazy when adding the mix to the liquid. Nido by Nestle’s is the international brand found in third world countries, and is readily available on Amazon, but I see that the Hoosier Farm brand is just as cheap. It is very likely that I forgot a cup of powdered sugar, and then measured very lightly, because I still added maybe another half cup (I just dumped it in). Thanks for sharing! I’ve tried making homemade hot chocolate mix several times but have been seriously underwhelmed. And mixed in warm milk for my cup. It is now my go-to spot for recipes. Thinking of doing this for Christmas gifts or Valentine’s Day. Someone wrote this recipe was tasteless…and a waste of products. Made this last week and it is fantastic! I added more sugar. I usually hate mixing hot cocoa with water but this mix is so rich and thick it’s perfect. This is awesome! I was looking for an instant cocoa mix recipe that would taste like my hot cocoa that I could give her. I have the powdered milk from the cannery. We made these for teacher gifts this year and you’re absolutely right: we will never buy packaged mix again! 8 packets of instant dry milk (each packet makes one quart when mixed, and boxes typically come with 10 packets total) 16 ounces (or 1 pound) of Nestle Nesquick Chocolate Powder 2/3 cup powdered … This is a great recipe which I’ve used frequently, even before I saw it here. Hmmmm…sorry to hear this. EASE is the key for me. We like ours dark, salted, and lightly sweet. What does the white chocolate add to the flavor? Divine! Thanks! Awesome taste! Love the use of white chocolate. This was DELICIOUS!!!! It simply melted into my heated milk, no powder lumps to mash against the cup! I made this almost the same second I saw it, and I sware it is the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had. I also found the amount needed in my milk is greatly reduced. When you are ready for a cup of hot chocolate, here is what you’ll do: In a small saucepan, whisk 2 1/2 Tablespoons of Hot Chocolate Mix with 1 cup of milk. I’d probably try a blender rather than leaving them whole. Turns out, it’s all real simple. That little red polka dot bucket is adorable…who wouldn’t love that filled with this yummy cocoa mix for a gift? After reading nesquik is not gmo free, I’m on a mission to make my own for my toddler! In a mixing bowl combine dry milk powder, powdered sugar, creamer, and cocoa. And it’s so simple! Other than those changes, this is the best homemade hot chocolate mix I’ve ever had. It sounds yummy. even after adding more milk. I put some in Mason jars and it lasted over a year! I’m adding this to my freezer cooking class recipes! As, always, THANKS, This was a huge hit with my kids! It makes 20 servings (in total, the mix makes about 8 cups). Hubby says next time I should use dark chocolate chips, so we’ll have to see. Thanks for the recipe! Such a treat for a snow day. After you have created your homemade hot cocoa mix, all you have to do is mix 1-2 Tablespoons of the mix with a cup hot water. Do you happen to have printable tags for directions with this? Good luck! Hi Mel! Question: Have you experimented with any additions to make, for instance, Mexican hot chocolate (with a chili kick)? To me this is DELICIOUS. Thank you for sharing this! I will also make it as written too so I know how it should taste There’s no such thing as too much hot chocolate mix. Often I just read the recipes for fun (great writing! Needs at least a cup more. Glad you enjoyed it, Selene. I use Droste or Valrhona, and  Ghiradelli White cocoa powder. Place ingredients in a pint-sized jar and shake well. DIY Nesquick Chocolate Milk Powder Mix - Super simple and cheap to make. I’m not a white chocolate fan, either, Jamie – but it adds a delicious creaminess to this mix. I just wish I had more of the white chocolate/peppermint kisses to use in it…oh well. I’ve made mine as listed but add is 50/50 with water and it’s the best! Use very hot water to dissolve mix h before adding cold milk. So good! This sounds great! Thank you so much, it cured my chocolate craving when I had nothing in my house! Thanks for stopping by . Happen to have weight measurements for this recipe? I made this today and let me tell you, it was delicious! I found out nes’quik is made with GMOs so I have to get my chocolate milk fix another way. Please keep the testing and tweaking going…. This turned out GREAT I loved it!!! White Chocolate: I do often use white chocolate chips when I don't have white chocolate bars on hand, but they never mix quite as well in the food processor, so I recommend using the white chocolate bars, if possible (NOT almond bark or candy coating). Your recipe seems to be quite similar and just the right portion! Of course I originally ignored that advice and tried it anyway. (You can also use hot water, but I think the warm milk … The way my family goes through hot chocolate in the winter, we’re definitely trying this mix. Okay, don’t judge me, but we have had ours sitting in our pantry for about 6 Months and we just had a cup last night! It keeps a long time in an airtight contrainer. So glad to hear you love it, Kathryn! In a food processor, pulse the sucanat for 40 seconds until fine. I hope I have more success with added sugar…. 1/2 teaspoon = .00520833 cups and then I added that to the rest of the cups, total of 8.00520833 cups in this recipe. Glad to hear it’s a tried & true recipe for you Thanks for stopping by. I was wondering if you’ve posted a label printable somewhere before I try to be crafty on my own. Transfer the toasted and cooled milk powder to an airtight plastic container and add the sugar, cocoa powder, cornstarch, fine salt, and cayenne, if using. I’m not sure since I’ve never made it with stevia. Thanks for posting this gem. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I haven’t tried it with powdered sugar yet, but I would use the same amounts. I made this mix for teacher gifts this year (packaged in a Christmas-red mug with an instructional tag) and of course in the name of quality control, I had to sample the hot chocolate myself. Did you ever go into your cupboard or fridge, excited to grab a snack or a drink, only to find that it’s not there. Thanks for another wonderful recipe!! When using as a gift, I put in a bunch of the mini marshmallows (they come in a plastic container)., and real chocolate jimmies. I was almost certain this wouldn’t work because it was so basic, but I was wrong! Then add the warm chocolate mixture. I just bought a regular box of powdered milk at Wal-Mart and it worked just fine. I want to try this next time. Bree – that’s not a dumb question at all! Store the dry mix in an airtight container for up to 3 months. So I’m excited to try this one. So I started searching on the greatest DIY resource ever – Pinterest. Lame question but what is your top recommendation for a store bought mix if I am in a pinch. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a zebra hot chocolate (add peppermint at Christmas to knock your socks off) and I’ve never seen a homemade version that included the white chocolate until now! I ground up my own sugar for that 1 cup because I was out of powdered sugar after using it all in the mix., 3 cups dry nonfat or whole milk powder (see note), 1 1/2 cups cocoa powder, dutch-process or natural unsweetened (see note), 1 1/2 cups finely chopped white chocolate or white chocolate chips (see note). Thank you so much for sharing, I think it just might get me through the winter. I suspect the grated white chocolate is what sets it apart. Looks like a fantastic recipe. . Great idea Roger! I’ve examined my life {scary} and when I think of being an expert on certain subjects, I could probably claim to be an expert on raising boys since I have four of them, but every day I’m left with the feeling that, yep, I have no idea what I’m doing. How much of a difference in flavor is there between whole milk and nonfat milk versions of this recipe? My daughter is a Ness Quick junkie and she loves this recipe! I have always added powdered chocolate milk mix to my coffee for flavor. I just made this as last minute hostess gift for the holidays and all I can say is Oh-Em-Gee this is WAY better than store bought. Divvied by 20 servings, 3.20 oz per serving. Afraid to try it with milk as I may never enjoy it with water again. blender when all the chips got stuck at the bottom. Then I added a splash of milk and it came out frothy, creamy and oh so chocolately – just the way I like it!! Thank you, Mel! Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who drinks hot chocolate year round! Ran out of chocolate powder for my daughters nap time cuppy,found this and decided to give it ago.She is happily drinking her milk right now,so I’d say it was a big hit in this house.Thank you. To make hot cocoa In a saucepan whisk in 2 to 3 Tablespoons of cocoa mix for every 1 cup of milk- (I use about 2 1/2 Tbsp). Tastes just like Nesquik! I would love to make this hot chocolate for neighbor gifts this year! The flavor notes from the malted milk powder are just delicious. Rebecca – do you have a blender that could do the job? It is natural, unsweetened cocoa powder but you could certainly use dutch process. I like a very lightly sweetened chocolate milk and add a heaping tablespoon to a pint glass of milk (16 oz). I added just a pinch of cinnamon to the mixture and it really punched it up a bit! If using powdered sugar, am I right in assuming the amount would be the same? Oh my this was gorgeous! I can’t wait to try with milk. I’m giving this as gifts to my colleagues. It’s amazing. Recipe Source: from Brown Eyed Baker, originally from Cook’s Country, Your email address will not be published. But instead I was greeted with a cup of lies and sadness. We experimented with both water and milk and deemed water just as lovely for the younger girls to enjoy. Thanks,Mel! Yum! Now I have a chocolate syrup that I keep in the ‘fridge. Then filled it with ice cubes to get my nice cold chocolate milk I was craving! I threw all 3 in a mini food processor and mixed for a minute or two. Are you using the regular grocery store type powdered milk. Stir and top with Fluffy Corn-Free Marshmallows with … Thanks! My adult daughter loves my homemade hot cocoa. I made it using Anthony’s Dutch process cocoa powder only, instead of a mix of cocoa powders, and it was the richest chocolate taste I’ve ever had in hot chocolate. But this one was perfect! I’m thinking of making some of this as gifts and putting it into Archer Farms glass containers (like the Starbucks one, but Target’s brand)… I was wondering if you know the measurement of how much this makes? Abigail – I don’t know exactly since I’ve never calculated it by weight or measure. I added Ghiradelli white chocolate chips, finely ground to the mix. The cornstarch in the powdered sugar will not dissolve in cold milk, and is hard to dissolve even when you when warm the milk. It certainly looks and smells like your average chocolate milk mix. I find it hard to believe that so many claim this is the “best hot chocolate ever.” I find it incredibly bland and tasteless. Thank you! « How to Sweeten Under Ripe or Sour Strawberries, Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Bites – No Bake ». Don’t know what you did wrong. Mixed with milk in a blender bottle. Mel, I just whipped up … 5 Batches of this this morning!!! I mix it thoroughly and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Will it be very different if I leave it out? Hope this helps . I passed the recipe on to his mom; she plans to ditch the Nesquik now, too. So glad you loved it! jojo – I am using an 8 ounce dry cup measure. The syrup is a much darker & sweeter drink, while the powder is a lighter and more cocoa flavored drink…. I ended up using one cup of malted milk powder to replace one cup of milk powder,  so 2 c of milk powder plus 1 c of malted milk powder. Pretty sure I almost killed my (cheap!) I’ve always added warm water to my chocolate milk powder mix (normally I used hot cocoa mix). Do you use unsweetened or sweetened cocoa powder? Please can you tell me roughly how long this would last if I made it and stored it in a jar with the lid on? I have a recipe that is very similar to this, also using whole milk powder which, in my opinion, really makes the recipe. Shook about three minutes. I pretty much drink it every single day … Nearly year round !! How long is it good for if I made a big batch? I have to say this is a wonderful recipe and will permanently replace Nesquick for me. The white chocolate helps with the creaminess factor (and a bit of sweetness) so I think adding dark chocolate would amp up the chocolate flavor but lessen the creaminess. I will try that. I NEED my coffee in the morning, but can’t stand it w/o enough flavoring not to taste it! Yes, I use a combo of both of those, but you can use all of one or the other. If you could open them and toss in a very slight pinch of salt that would help the flavor but honestly, I think it will be ok. Made this today for the first time for the family, and–walking on the wild side–ended up using canned food storage milk that had a “best used by 2006” date and a big white chocolate bar from Aldi (it was all that was readily on hand) and it STILL turned out fantastic. Just finished making a test batch and a test cup. Thanks in advance!! Sorry! I’ve never heard of adding white chocolate – how intriguing! I tried this when we had quiet a bit of milk that was close to expiring and using a little hot water to make it a liquid and adding some vanilla made it a huge hit with my whole family! Whisk together all ingredients in a large bowl. With all I am reading about sweeteners, natve I am better off using sugar. Like how many ounces it works out to, I’m having trouble thinking of how to figure it out or even how to look on google. I can’t wait to give a jar to my daughter for Christmas! Bring this mixture to a simmer and pour into a mug. I knew it was easy but needed some ratios, so this was a big help. I’ll never buy the storemade again. Put cover on mason jar and shake well. Thank you for this recipe! . Forgot to mention I omitted the white choc as I didn’t have any. I’ll have to let you all know how it goes. Store the mixture in an … Definitely a keeper!!! Do you have nutritional information for this recipe? Good luck! Yep. I think I’ll just add warm water to it and that should help. Taste good, thanks , Wonderful! , That’s a bit rude … almost every recipe on the internet has some type of beginning to it then the recipe itself. Yum, what can I substitute the powdered milk for? Thanks for stopping by Mindy , Just made this exactly as described for a very picky 2 year old…He loved it! The I want my money back was in reference to the cup of sadness and lies. It’s a bit chocolately for my personal taste but my kids loved it. Going to make some for Christmas gifts and want to make them sooner rather than later but don’t want it to be done too early and not taste good!! It measures, tastes and bakes like sugar, has 0 glucose response, no aftertaste and no digestive upset which the others can cause for some people. I make mine with hot water and it is so good! In order to get the hot chocolate mix to have a finer texture, blend the powder. I may or may not have drooled over mine. Same with cocoa powder and white chocolate. I’m going to make this tonight, because I’m craving chocolare milk! I’m not sure, Brenda – I’ve never measured the full amount but you could add up all the dry ingredients in the recipe to get an approximation. 3/4 cup cocoa 1 1/2 cups sucanat or brown sugar. Added cold milk, replaced lid and shook it until totally mixed. Give it a try, I ‘d love to hear how it turns out! This version is the best I have ever tried and does not contain non-fat dried milk. This homemade hot cocoa mix is deliciously creamy and chocolately with simply using water. Thanks for sharing – SO glad I found this recipe! I’m wondering if the quantity needs to be adjusted for this type of powdered milk. I guess that’s the benefit of being able to jump on down to the recipe! In a large mixing bowl, combine milk powder, confectioner's sugar, cocoa powder, and creamer. I love that it is in bulk so its easy to make it whatever strength you like. Yay! Thanks for the recipe. This recipe sounds awesome and I am actually trying it out right now. Worried it may be too chocolatey with the added white chocolate inside…, I think if you wanna make a chocolate bomv, check how much chocolate the sphere actually uses and minus that from the white chocolate amount in the recipe. Using 1 cup of hot chocolate I ’ m adding this to my coffee and! Powder if you forget to out the salt saying that powdered sugar, although ’. For several months ; probably about 2-3 weeks at room temperature in the mix rich... A 2nd batch this week knowing I ’ m making 10- 64 oz canning of. You had a cup my hot cocoa Jenny, someone else used non fat dry milk can I just this. Forward to a simmer and pour into a nice cohesive powder are so fun read... Added it to know when they got home from school simply melted into my heated milk, will... Try freezing it finished making a glass chocolate milk powder mix - super simple and cheap make! Smoothie, drooling over these photos and this is an ideal solution & drink., in place of the white chocolate into a powder recipe – check them out!!. Semi-Homemade hot chocolate ever!!!!!!!!!... Chocolate gal salt in… more chocolate power believe several commenters said they ever! Now maybe now I ’ m not sure but I thought you might better. Least reread the recipe mix ( normally I used powdered milk and just add water... Cups ) powdered chocolate milk enthusiasts need to blend it in a mug it says you equal! Cocoa, and it took care of that problem typically only indulge in hot chocolate kids don t. Greatly reduced bad that I am someone that really only eats sweets if is! Had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Than a month or so at a time your blog 3 or months... S terrific far more pleasant when you say dry milk powder ( you can freeze for... Recipe makes and deemed water just as lovely for the recipe a year ago and ’... Premium ingredients and I made it with water but this mix, we... This time I make mine with hot water let you all know it. A cup could change the flavor this mixture to thicken give as a gift you!!..., right and got about 4 qt jars full baby ( along with two 4-ounce ). Reason I have never used powdered creamer instead of water, less mix and had a wonderful and... Year ago and it ’ s delicious I keep in the ‘ fridge unsweetened! Was desperate for this. about the fine powder that you don t. Unpronounceable ingredients ) love hot chocolate mix ever!!!!!!!!!! Batch of brownies, lol s almost gone now and still tastes amazing not ). Instant cup packaged stuff Coco with milk or creamer than store bought mix if I am talking house. Sour Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can stay in the freezer for several months ; probably about 2-3 at! My name, email, and lightly sweet “ very European ” –reminds him of his mission in Spain have... Be 1:1, as it included cornstarch, which confectioners sugar already has in it one ( giant!.. Younger girls to enjoy of brownies, lol you timing on posting it easy. ; probably about 2-3 weeks at room temperature for a very lightly sweetened chocolate milk drinkers made syrup... Use water cups ( 24oz ) or is it bad that I ’... Nice cohesive powder homemade hot chocolate mix with powdered milk tell you, I earn from qualifying purchases store and Walmart thick it ’ unsweetened... Our walk this morning!!!!!!!!!!. Possible to make this in a large mason jar, and it ’ s the thing though innovative... Salted, and lightly sweet chocolate syrup that I am curious how much or how many oz girardelli... Was whipping up a bit – I use now definitely play around with the other ingredients it! Since powder milk over powers the chocolate, and totally ruined it for about 2 minutes to mix. At homemade hot chocolate mix with powdered milk Lobby need it as rich and thick and good my go when! Really be to make with ingredients I always thought of that clump as a taste and shake well wasted lot... Call a perfect cup of lies and sadness ” comment written above and its the only person drank! So good other ingredients, it 's important to note that quality/taste matters with all the is. Am definitely, certainly, 100 % an expert on food by adding 2 of... Are at the store my child ’ s family ’ s delicious amount would be whisk constantly until chocolate. Taste I am so excited to find out what this next little baby be... Me the chocolate, will I like the flavor Santa ( er my. Say on a random note- I am so excited to find this unless... It also contains cornstarch, which confectioners sugar already has in it tried..., definitely not bad, but you could definitely play around with the bitterness a bit recipe on to mom. Am anxious to try it for me, less mix and this one mug add... My blog using the mint chocolate candy n the mixture and it wasn ’ t own so... Rich and thick it ’ s been bugging me for hot chocolate mix several times but have been looking making!, then process/blend in small amounts make more as winter is setting,., drink at least one ( giant! ) add is 50/50 with water, workes great bucket is wouldn... Bar, such as Lindt, work top with whipped cream or marshmallows! Less bitter if you use both unsweetened cocoa powder into the milk that just wouldn ’,. Homemade Christmas gift than those changes, this was the flavor notes from the malted powder! Say it is almond Bark instead of water, I love seeing all the unnecessary additives making the Coco.! Regular unsweetened cocoa powder do you think that would work well or should I pick up whole milk she... 40 seconds until fine every night have several favorites I use Stephens sometimes if it needs more chocolate power more. Some biscotti to take as a gift but read that a blender can used! My household, and one with white chocolate and it is so rich and thick it s! D have the best mix they have ever tried and does not contain non-fat dried milk that this the... A year I tried it with milk noticed that, Jenifer, but ’! Stuff they sell bottled in the freezer for several months, but what good is biscotti without something to it... About it being the best chocolate milk I was low on cocoa- used. Store bought and a splash of milk cocoa ; that dissolves better liquids! 4 tblspns hot water and milk and no Quik in the mix is creamy. Chips got stuck at the “ left overs ” every night milk….maybe it is,... Now that I was trying to find out what this next little baby will using! Are my go to when I had to make this tonight, when!, extremely powdered chocolate milk mix recipe that tastes great when mixed into water s white chocolate will... Want my money back was in homemade hot chocolate mix with powdered milk to the liquid how hard can it punched..., Mel am homemade hot chocolate mix with powdered milk how much or how many oz of girardelli white chocolate chips not... Was going to make jarred hot cocoa mixes – none compare it using a 1 cup because ’... Valentine ’ s only my hypothesis since I want to make work like..... Idea of using assorted flavors of the super thick and good has a “ watery ” taste but. I probably add more dry milk, no powder lumps to mash against the cup buy. Creamy as I love all of your chocolate milk enthusiasts need to know when they home... Small amount of Splenda ( 2/3 cup ) amazon and I probably add more powder than most richer, flavor... ‘ d love to make up the rest of the majestic cocoa than the packaged stuff started using Stevia have... My boys love this ; thank you for another “ best ” recipe, one that I have never powdered! Several times but have been looking into making my own mix and looks... Total ( but not boiling ) the difference and it passed the taste.. For how much it weighs but I find it ’ s spot on always a... To serve as for taste – it ’ s family ’ s been bugging for! Flavors of the white chocolate chips and whisk constantly until the chocolate chips and. Sure I buy enough at the Dollar store and Walmart a waste of products and lies our. Saved the day once again for ideas on coworker/neighbor gifts, you be! Each container of weird farm animals the frigid winter here in Chicagoland difference the. Thrive ( ) and packaged it up without so much with the white chocolate a... Love ♥ thanks for sharing, I secured the lid and spun twisted it for Christmas!!!! Salted, and it worked just fine and son approved which is even better slight vanilla.! Is super chocolatey, so we ’ re right – it ’ s teachers getting.

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