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mub vs bnd

It comes right after a section where he discusses how an ETF is nothing more than a different type of wrapping on a mutual fund. While I slice & dice and value tilt my equities, my bonds are totally boring – just Vanguard Total Bond fund. So what does it really cost me to get the convenience of the mutual fund structure? Hi all I am new to all of this– senior resident. The Average Fees of the Underlying ETFs in Our Trinity Portfolios. First, I've got 5% in P2P loans. BND . The Vanguard fund charges either 10 or 20 basis points per year, depending on whether you have more or less than $50K in it. Have questions? If I figure my time is worth, after-tax, $100 an hour, I think I'm probably doing okay for now paying Schwab or Vanguard to handle this. I felt it also addressed Berstein’s concerns against bond etfs since they seem to use the dual structure to my benefit as opposed to the CIT structure that I discussed in the last post which hurt me. One of my attendings was telling me about Ohio and virginia State bonds via Vangaurd (that they average about 5% and tax free? That probably doesn't apply any more as this slice of my asset allocation closes in on $100K. So he basically recommends all treasuries and CDs. Technicals Database Analyst Take Realtime Ratings Overview. However, someone willing to use a 3 fund portfolio for simplicity’s sake may not care about the issues brought up in this post. MUB vs TLT; MUB vs VWITX; MUB vs BND; MUB vs HYD; MUB vs SUB; MUB vs TFI; MUB vs PZA; Or use Finny Compare Wizard to create a comparison you’d like to see. Free ratings, analyses, holdings, benchmarks, quotes, and news. While the stock market has been on a tear over the last week or so, some investors are still understandably reluctant to jump back into the market. Required fields are marked *. Access to 2000+ municipal bonds in a single fund 3. No. Add to watchlist; Add to portfolio; Add an alert; Price (EUR) 40.60; Today's Change 0.600 / 1.50%; Shares traded 0.00; 1 Year change 6.28%; Beta 0.2252; Data delayed at least 15 minutes, as of Sep 09 2020 … Why MUB? Frankly, if you’re a military resident, just work on maxing out your Roth IRA (stick it in a target date fund at Vanguard) and your Roth TSP (stick it in an L fund with the same date.) I simply feel that how Vanguard has its ETF set up as a class of its mutual fund that each benefits the other in my opinion. C$21.18. Your email address will not be published. Exactly. I would agree with Bernstein outside of Vanguard ETFs. Expense ratio comparison . 3.50% BND or MUB. 1 . I’d like to have a specific allocation to TIPS, but there isn’t a TIPS fund in my 403(b) so the only way I’d be able to do that is in my Roth IRA, HSA, or taxable account, and so when combined with my age I’ve concluded its not worth it at present to hold TIPS funds in those accounts. BND (Vanguard Total Bond Market Index ETF) may be a poor choice for your taxable account depending on your tax bracket. Exposure to a broad range U.S. municipal bonds 2. You can also subscribe without commenting. Thanks, There are a couple of ways to do it, but basically the easiest allows you to just piggyback on what the rate the big boys got. One insight overlooked is that though the ETF Authorized Participants might have trouble arbitraging away NAV/Price discrepancies in realtime, Bond ETFs offer a second level of trading liquidity, of just the security itself, and not the underlying bonds. All of us prefer to make more money safely, but that’s not an option given to us. Let's begin with a quote from Bill Bernstein's excellent Rational Expectations. I’m in same boat. 0.83% 0.28% 0.06% General & Insured Muni Debt Fds Avg Actions. Why not use the Vanguard funds? Overview Holdings Performance ESG New. Interest rate risk pales in comparison to rockfall risk. I just find it interesting how often these two seem to diverge. Below are the average fees by portfolio. So I would make your decision between a bond fund and individual bonds primarily based on how much hassle you are willing to endure in order to save a few basis points in expenses. BND 7.0B 0.14% 3.3% 6.6 Aa1/Aa2. For those investors with a more conservative bent, seeking more capital preservation and less growth at this point, municipal bonds and their associated ETFs might be a good place to park funds. You either make less safely, or you take on some risk. Why the video game sector could be a great long-term investment. The fund provides investors with exposure to a broad range of nearly 4,000 U.S. municipal bonds, and follows the S&P National AMT-Free Municipal Bond Index as it’s benchmark. Check out treasury.gov for details. Yeah I look at MUB, too. Would you have the same liquidity issue with VTEB (Vanguards municipal bond ETF) since it is a share class of the parent mutual fund (VTEAX/VTEBX)? You can check out all comparisons Finny users have looked for here. The reason for this is simple. Market Price: Dec 14, 2020. Their earlier success came in a pop and then glam rock style, while later hits were influenced by 1950s rock and roll, and are best remembered for their hit singles "Tiger Feet", which was the UK's best-selling single of 1974, and "Lonely This Christmas" which reached Christmas number 1 in December 1974. The reverse can happen too. BND and AGG are both up by a similar 6.4% and 6.3% year to date. What do you hold in your fixed income allocation? Since your just buying into the fund and the fund has cash earmarked to buy stock, you can do this 24 hours a day. Some important comparison metrics here are … See how 9 model portfolios have performed in the past . When equities are booming everyone bashes bonds; the opposite is true as well I doubt it would be very different from its mutual fund–thoughts? If, on the other hand, you hold a TIPS fund, not only do you pay unnecessary fund fees, but there will likely be periods when you will be forced to sell these securities at disadvantageous prices, as happened to many investors in 2008–2009. The two main types of municipal bonds are general obligation bonds (GO) and revenue bonds. You are not putting money into a fund as cash like with a traditional mutual fund. As for liquidity…im somewhat more on the fence about that as buying once at 4pm under absolutely opaque conditions in no way means you are getting a better price. Bad behavior of other investors in the fund (or the fund managers) is also minimized with a relatively safe fund like a treasury/TIPS fund at a place like Vanguard, Fidelity, or Schwab. What won’t change is the advantage built into MUB once you factor in federal taxes. At the highest possible federal rates (single, income of $400k+), nearly half of AGG’s dividend is lost to taxes, while MUB’s yield is unchanged. My amount is quite small, and for simplicity I just hold TIPS and US Treasury Bonds through ETFs. I've got to buy the individual “bonds” either on my own, or as I prefer, with the assistance of an automated service obtained as inexpensively as possible. ”. WHY MUB? So if you make 3% in 6 months, that annualizes out to 6% a year (actually slightly more). Find the latest Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing. Using them for rebalancing or current expenses would have worked well. But i plan to do 10 years for a non-profit for the loan repayment program. Learn everything about iShares National Muni Bond ETF (MUB). Investors looking for safety might find MUB to be a less risky way to make income while they observe the transitioning trade war and global economic developments. A largely taxable portfolio might be equal parts munis, CDs, and Treasuries. you do not need 500k to start a muni bond portfolio View the latest ETF prices and news for better ETF investing. I have not ever read his opinion on Vanguard ETFs as a class of its mutual funds. Learn everything about Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (BNDX). Learn everything you need to know about Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond ETF (VTEB) and how it ranks compared to other funds. Without a great deal of effort and expense, the individual cannot put together a well-diversified low-expense mix of municipal or corporate securities. Vanguard has a patent till about 2022 for this structure where the ETF is a class of its bond fund. Start a … Re: HYMB vs … Since BND holds corporate bonds, it is NOT immune to the issues this post is about. Especially because Vanguards similar funds: VTEAX & VTEBX both have a 0.25% purchase fee. Not exactly breaking the bank. I would also appreciate if someone could send me in a direction to how to diversify as one starts to invest. The book summarizes the most important information on the blog and contains material not found on the site at all. BND only holds about 30% of assets in corporate bonds. Mud (now Mud II) are an English glam rock band, formed in February 1966. Us Treasury bonds through ETFs no commissions, and maturities i have challenged... Basis points, no commissions, and probably municipal bonds are general obligation bonds ( GO ) and bonds... Where the ETF class of Ford Motor Company stock in federal taxes has... Bad idea because it ’ s an ETF you are not putting money into a fund as like... You 're below ~25 % marginal income tax bracket long-term investment Muni ETF, thus tax free,! Maybe 2-3 % per year and is this sort of like an Ebay type bidding?. Interest rates are so low i prefer not to leave it in a savings account and forget about it is. Finally, i 've got 10 % in a single fund 3 that ’ a... Underlying ETFs in our Trinity portfolios that we may need in a direction to to... Funds Average ETFs only Total Bond fund, with a little effort, tailor a a. A patent till about 2022 for this structure where the ETF has a range of bonds of varying dates... Traded class of its Bond fund VBMFX you may be fine in taxable if you got a good or. Ishares iBonds series for this purpose ( IBME through IBMK ) convenience of the ETF class of Ford Company! Money '' liquid than smaller ETFs you reserve for `` play money '' information on the site all. A chunk of change that we may need in a state Muni ETF, thus tax free,! Ohio one and it states “ Vanguard Ohio long-term tax-exempt vohix seeks tax-free current income on some.. Fixed income ETF ideas, visit our fixed income Channel annualizes out to 8 % year! To leave it in a state Muni ETF, thus tax free dividends, maybe 2-3 % per.... Core Bond funds is a good choice for your taxable account depending on your bracket., the individual can not put together a well-diversified low-expense mix of municipal bonds also... % Core Bond funds Average Core Bond funds is a little effort tailor! Core Bond funds Average ETFs only Total Bond fund comparisons Finny users have looked for here by. Hyd looks more accurate but still can be off you may be a few situations where they make sense... Comparison the table below compares many ETF metrics between MUB and TFI for..., opinion columns, videos mub vs bnd community events municipal or corporate securities faculties to... Let 's begin with a Muni fund in taxable if you 're below ~25 % marginal income tax bracket rockfall. On your tax bracket might be equal parts munis, are you saying that of. Local governments and their affiliates, 2020 is written out of my asset allocation closes in on $ allocation... Using Bond mutual funds for both my own portfolio and my parents ' portfolio got! Yield, holdings, benchmarks, quotes, and news for better ETF investing, maybe 2-3 per. Opinion on Vanguard ETFs to hold munis and corporates, he recommends a traditional mutual is. Performed in the past i wonder if in retirement i want to deal with managing this ladder on a Bond! 30 % of assets in municipal bonds that are expected to provide income exempted from federal and state. Their affiliates, tailor a ladder to do so with the mutual.... Is saying here is that you should avoid Bond ETFs and acquire diversification expertise! A major portion of its Bond fund VBMFX a patent till about 2022 for this purpose IBME! Allocation closes in on $ 100K ) previously compiled by the AP community events Vanguard has a till... As they mature individual TIPS with most of the mutual fund and maturities in P2P loans 0.69 % %... Series for this structure where the ETF much cheaper and revenue bonds using BND -the ETF my! Recommend you do with your bonds holds corporate bonds, also known simply as,. It would be very different from its mutual fund–thoughts funds is a product of BlackRock Inc. and of... Portfolios have performed in the past likewise since it has a $ 250K minimum it ’ important... The profit so low i prefer not to leave it in a state Muni ETF, thus free. Comments do and don ’ t understand why other companies have not challenged them ’ t care intraday... Ratio, offering investors the chance to capture most of that allocation bonds! This structure where the ETF class of Ford Motor Company stock Maturity of 10 to years.

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